The McDowell Farm

Camelot Welsh Corgis is a small kennel located just outside of Olathe, KS, a suburb of Kansas City.  Camelot has been breeding Corgis since 1990, with an extremely high breeding standard. Our mission is to breed dogs of wonderful temperament, dogs that excel in multiple environments- the show ring, obedience, agility contests, herding, and most importantly, as a member of a family.

We have bred many AKC conformation champions, and recently our “kids” have excelled in rally performance.

The Owners- Teddy and Cal McDowell

Teddy was born in Omaha, NE, and later moved to the Chicago area at the age of 13. She had a great love for animals at a very young age- with horses, Great Danes, Labrador Retrievers, Poodles and a black face lamb named Penelope-a-gogo rounding out her family. While living in Chicago, Teddy had her first AKC dog, a Old English Sheepdog named Mercedes Grand Duke (better known as Benze). That started her love of show dogs, and the rest is history!

Cal was born in Northern Illinois and later moved to DeKalb, IL. The two met on a ski trip in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and were married two years later. By that time, Teddy had a second Old English Sheepdog named Pilgrim. Cal noted that maybe it would be better to have a smaller breed of dog– and after research and visiting the Chicago International Dog Show– he suggested the Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Teddy told Cal, “I will never bend over to pet a dog.” That sentiment was not to last long.

Teddy and Cal got their first Cardigan in 1989, and Teddy was amazed at the Cardigan’s intellegence, and she was won over in a heart beat. Shortly thereafter, Teddy and Cal moved to Kansas City in a mini-van (previously owned by Mike Ditka), FOUR cardigans, and a cat.

Both have their own careers- Cal as a self professed “computer geek”, and Teddy as a oncology nurse, but their love of the dog world keep them on the farm with their Cardigans as much as they can.

Our Facilities

The Kennel

We take great care to ensure the highest standard of living for our dogs.  Several runs surround a heated and cooled building external to the farm house.  Each run has a door directly into the building, and no more than two dogs ever occupy the same run.  With runs cleaned daily, we want our dogs to be comfortable, clean, and socialized.  They are after all, our dearest friends.


We appreciate the time you have spent with us. If you have any questions or are interested in joining the list for our next litter, please email or call us; we will be glad to try to help find a puppy that is just right for you, or just to talk dogs!!!